VR Based Rehabilitation

Together with Frederiksberg municipality public rehabilitation, the aim for this project is to explore new ways of using virtual reality to cultivate intrinsic motivation, as well as potential analgesic benefits of immersive exergaming, in the context of physio-therapeutic rehabilitation at Sundhedscentret and Døgnrehabiliteringen in Frederiksberg Municipality. Furthermore, the project additionally seeks to investigate how the social aspects of immersive rehabilitation have the potential to further improve motivation and consequently rehabilitation efficacy.

This project is part of a PhD study undertaken by Emil Rosenlund Høeg, funded by the municipality of Frederiksberg. The PhD is supervised by Stefania Serafin and co-supervised by Jon Ram Bruun-Pedersen. Several other lab members have invested time in the project including Razvan Paisa and Niels Christian Nilsson. 

External collaborators will attribute to different aspects the PhD-project, including but not limited to, an ongoing systematic review on system immersion in virtual reality-based rehabilitation of motor function in older adults with the Research and Test Center for Health Technologies (VihTek), project collaboration with private physiotherapist Thomas Vain-Nielsen and international collaboration on the effects of vibrotactile stimulation in rehabilitation with PhD-student Eduardo Magalhaes from the department of Informatics Engineering, University of Porto.