In the Multisensory Experience Lab we investigate the combination of different input and output modalities in interactive applications. We are interested in both development of novel hardware and software technologies as well as evaluation of user experience. We apply our technologies in a variety of areas such as health, rehabilitation, education, art and entertainment.

We are very interested in collaborating with other institutions and companies, for example via the Danish industrial Ph.D. and postdoc program. If you would like to collaborate, feel free to get in touch.

We are particularly interested in researching topics related to sonic interaction design for multimodal environments, simulating walking experiences, sound rendering and spatialization, haptic interfaces, cinematic VR and evaluation of user experience in multimodal environments.

Research projects

  • Nordic Sound and Music computing network (Nordic Smc) supported by NordForsk:
  • European Art-Science Technology Network (Large Scale EU Culture Project, 2017-2021)
  • NIME young composers, in collaboration with Figura ensemble and Troy Rogers.
  • Training of Everyday Skills for Children Using VR (in collaboration with Rødovre Kommune, 2017-)
  • Mathematic and Music Training in VR and AR (in collaboration with Edulab, 2017-2020, supported by Innovation fund).
  • Virtual Reality for Physical Rehabilitation (in collaboration with Frederiksberg kommune, 2016-)
  • Physics based simulation and prototyping of musical instruments, in collaboration with Danish music museum, 2015-.
  • Evaluation of sound quality in a multimodal context, Danish Sound Innovation Network.
  • Multimodal interaction in virtual reality, Danish Sound Innovation Network.
  • Product Sound Design , Danish Sound Innovation Network.
  • Audio-Haptic Interaction in Cars, Danish Sound Innovation Network.
  • Natural Interactive Walking (FET-EU, 2008-2012)
  • Sonic Interaction Design (COST ACTION, 2007-2011)

You can find a comprehensive list of publications affiliated with the Multisensory Experience Lab here.