Sound and Music Computing(SMC) masters program

SMC is one of the educations that feeds students into our lab. Are you interested in sound and music technologies? As an engineer in Sound and Music Computing, you will work with researchers from the Multisensory Experience Lab, and become an important player in the new information society.

12 hours in VR

Two hosts from the program named NØRD (eng: Nerd) from the Danish national television DR visited the Multisensory Experience Lab. The two hosts submitted themselves to a rather uncanny experiment: to “endure” a 12 hours long session in Virtual Reality.

Resurecting the Tromba Marina

Silvin Willemsen, Razvan Paisa, Stefania Serafin

This is a multisensory simulation of a tromba marina – a bowed string instrument in virtual reality. The auditory feedback is generated by an accurate physical model, the haptic feedback is provided by the PHANTOM Omni, and the visual feedback is rendered through an Oculus Rift.

Digital Glass Harmonica

Razvan Paisa, Stefania Serafin

This is glass harmonica inspired human-computer interface.  The interaction was facilitated by using a MPR121 capacitive sensing chip paired with an Arduino Uno controlling a physics based model of a glass harmonica implemented with with Sound Design Toolkit external object for Cycling ’74  Max.