CoolHear Workshop

The Multisensory Experience Lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen, the Center for Hearing and Balance at Rigshospitalet and the Royal Danish Academy of Music organize an hands on and listening workshop for hearing impaired users.

You will experience the  newly built 3D sound concert hall at the Danish Royal Academy of Music, where you will listen and feel in your whole body acoustic and electronic music, including a bass and voice duo and a string quartet.

You will also be able to try:

  • Several mini games to train your musical skills.
  • An augmented reality experience using the Microsoft HoloLens 2.
  • Devices that allow you to feel the music using vibrations in the hands and wrist.
  • Musical experiences in VR, included the Lyt Igen project.

There will be an opportunity for discussing with  researchers and artists, followed by some snacks and refreshments.

Free registration

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19th April 2022 – 3.00 to 5.00 PM


The event is free and open to hearing impaired users, their relatives and friends as well as teachers and audiologists.


Royal Danish Academy of Music
Rosenørns Alle 22, 1970 Frederiksberg

Poster A3

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