When using the lab or the affiliated equipment we expect you to follow these rules:

  • Always ensure that the doors are locked if you aren’t inside the lab.
  • Never remove any equipment from the laboratory without permission from the lab directors (see “People”).
  • Don’t bring guests to the lab unless you have gotten permission to do so (test participants are permitted).
  • Don’t use or move any equipment which has not been assigned to you.
  • Don’t disconnect any cables or hardware without getting permission to do so.
  • Don’t install software on the computers in the lab without getting permission to do so.
  • When you are done working in the lab, leave it in the same condition as you found it; i.e., clean after yourself and delete all files, except from the final version of the project you have been working on.
  • If in doubt about anything, contact Niels by email ( In case of urgent matters you can contact Niels by phone (26530481).