Bookable Items

The ME-Lab features a variety of different facilities and equipment that can be used by students working on their semester projects:

  • Oculus 1: Oculus CV1, touch controllers, and computer
  • Oculus 2: Oculus CV1, touch controllers, and computer
  • Oculus 3: Oculus CV1, touch controllers, and computer
  • *Oculus 4: Oculus CV1 and touch controllers (excl. computer)
  • VIVE Pro: HTC VIVE Pro, VIVE controllers, VIVE trackers (2x), and computer.
  • VIVE / WFS / Mocap: HTC VIVE, VIVE controllers, 64-speaker wave field synthesis system, Naturalpoint motion capture system, and two computers.
  • *Magic Leap: Magic Leap One augmented reality display
  • *Meta 2: Meta 2 augmented reality display
  • VR exercise/rehab system: Manuped (bike), Oculus CV1, and computer
  • Anechoic chamber: Anechoic chamber and recording equipment
  • Wacom touchscreen: Wacom Cintiq 22 HD touchscreen
  • *Leap Motion:Hand tracker with HMD mount.
  • *Canon 5D: Canon 5D DSLR camera with a 50mm f/1.8 lens
  • *Laptop 1: One laptop without peripherals
  • *Laptop 2: One laptop without peripherals.

Note: You will need the assistance of staff working in the lab to access all items marked with a star (*).

To see what equipment is currently booked visit Current Bookings.