1. Who can book?
In order to book rooms and equipment it is a requirement that you are supervised by staff affiliated with M.E.Lab or have been permitted to book rooms and equipment by one of the lab directors.

2. What can be booked?
The M.E.Lab features a variety of different equipment that can be used by students working on their semester projects, including, but not limited to, two HTC Vives, one Oculus Rift CV1, a Naturalpoint motion capture system, a 64-speaker wave field synthesis system, an anechoic chamber, various actuators, a high quality 360 degree video camera, and a multi-track recording system using Pro Tools. Students are able to book one of the three laboratory spaces and the associated equipment.

  • Large room: You should boom this room if you intend to work with a HTC Vive, the motion capture system, the wave field synthesis system, or the multi-track recording system.
  • Small room: You should boom this room if you intend to work with a HTC
  • Anechoic chamber: This room is primarily intended for recording purposes or for running studies that require extreme silence.

Generally, the equipment is only to be used in the laboratory space unless special arrangements are made with the lab directors: Stefania Serafin ( and Rolf Nordahl (

3. How to book?
If your wish to book one of the three rooms and the related equipment follow these steps:

3.1. Check availability:
You can see current bookings via the following link:

M.E.Lab Bookings

Be aware that the lab staff reserves the rights to change the schedule, if the bookings are unfairly distributed amongst students, if members of staff need the lab for running studies, or if we have external visitors.

3.2. Place your booking:
If you are interested in booking a room or have made arrangements to borrow individual pieces of equipment, you should write an email to Niels Christian Nilsson ( or Jon Ram Bruun-Pedersen ( with your supervisor and all group members in cc. Your mail should include the following information in list form:

  • Name of the space you wish to book (Large room, small room, or anechoic chamber)
  • Your education
  • Your current semester
  • Group number
  • Dates you wish to reserve the room
  • Remember to put your supervisor in cc

If you have made arrangements to book individual equipment please follow the same procedure, but specify what equipment you are hoping to borrow and include documentation that you’ve been permitted to borrow this equipment (e.g., forwarding a mail from one of the two lab directors).
You will receive a confirmation mail once your booking is complete. When receiving this mail, please check that the online schedule has been updated and that the reservation matches your request.

3.3. Get access:
In order to access the lab you will need an access card. You can get this card from Niels or Jon who has offices on the 4th floor of ACM15.

3.4. Using the lab:
When using the lab or the affiliated equipment we expect you to follow these rules:

  • Always ensure that the doors are properly closed (locked) if you aren’t inside the lab.
  • Don’t bring guests to the lab unless you have gotten permission to do so (test participants are permitted).
  • When you are done working in the lab, leave it in the same condition as you found it; i.e., clean after yourself and delete all files, except from the final version of the project you have been working on.
  • Do not use or move any equipment which has not been assigned to you.
  • If in doubt about anything, contact Niels or Jon by email. In case of urgent matters you can contact the by phone (Niels: 26530481, Jon: 53565383).

3.5. Returning the access card:
You are required to return the access card on the final day of your booking. If Jon or Niels are unavailable, you can return the card by giving it to your supervisor on the condition that you inform Niels or Jon.